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“There is geometry in the humming of the strings, there is music in the spacing of the spheres. ” -Pythagoras

Aset (Isis)

The Egyptian goddess Isis is one of the goddesses that stood the test of time. Isis is the Greek form of more ancient Egyptian names, and the name Isis is associated with the word for “throne.” Originally, Isis was known as Aset, or Eset. Isis is worshipped today, just as she has been for thousands of years, as the Lady of Heaven, The Great Enchantress, Goddess of Magic, The Goddess of Love and War, the Giver of Life, Queen of the Gods, and Goddess of Marriage and Protection.

Isis was able to give the gift of immortality. For this reason, she is often portrayed wearing or carrying an Ankh. The Ankh is an ancient symbol for eternal life. The symbol is similar to that of a cross, but it has a looped top. Isis is sometimes seen wearing horns and a solar disk atop her head. She is sometimes pictured with wings. Isis is occasionally shown with a cow’s head or with the sign of a throne on her head.

Isis is one of the only winged deities in Egyptian myth. She is sometimes representative of the wind, as in the legend of Osiris. One version of the legend tells of Isis using her wings to fill Osiris’ mouth and nose with air. For those people who recognize Isis as a force at work in their life; the wind takes on a magical face. The simple act of walking outside on a windy day brings about a refreshing of the soul.

Isis is viewed as the protector and patron of women. Isis guided women in childbirth, marriage, and in the loss of loved ones. She has the qualities that endear her to women of all ages. Isis is full of compassion, tenderness, love and devotion. Isis is the Great Mother Goddess.

As a divine healer, Isis shared the secrets of healing and preparation of medical potions to her priestesses. Isis is also credited for bringing us the secrets of law and agriculture. If you ask anyone that esteems Isis to the role of goddess in this present age; you will surely hear them proclaim that Isis holds life in here hands. Isis, with her ability to breathe life into something once dead, is worshipped today as she has for centuries.

There are ways to bring the goddess Isis into everyday life. Her colors are white, gold, and cobalt blue. Many view these as the colors of royalty and comfort. The gems and stones equated with Isis are pearl, coral, lapis, geodes, and moonstone. Wearing jewelry with these stones embedded is just one way to bring the goddess near. Fragrances of the goddess are myrrh, rose, iris, and eucalyptus. Candles and essential oils are useful in bringing the fragrance of Isis into the home.

Isis is the Mistress of all elements, and she is a powerful wind that blows constant. Isis is the Goddess of Countless Names, and she will continue to make her presence known.

Source: Tour Egypt

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