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Hymn to the Muses by Proclus

Posted by The Eclectic Pythagorean on October 21, 2008


That light uplifting, light of men, I sing,

Nine sweet-voiced daughters of the All-Mighty King,

Who souls ensnared, that life’s abysses bind,

By sacred rites from books that rouse the mind,

From earth-born fateful woes draw up and save;

Who teach to hasten o’er deep Lethe’s wave,

Keep the true way, seek, pure, their native star

Whence they have strayed, whence fallen deep and far

To generation’s shore, where madness runs

To its inheritance of dust.  0 Heavenly Ones,

Quench in my heart this agitated fire,

With Wisdom’s pure noeric words inspire.

Let none seduce to superstition’s sway

From the all-fruitful, gleaming, sacred way.

From generation’s clamorous mazy night

Draw up my wandering soul to purest light;

Grant from ambrosial books deep-laden store

Of Wisdom and that glory evermore

Bestow – heart-soothing eloquence.  0 hear,

Ye who the barque of sacred Wisdom steer,

Who souls of men that touch the uplifting flame

(Made pure by hymns and rites that none may name,

And soaring from the dark profound abyss)

Restore to immortality and bliss.

Hear, Mighty Saviours!  Bend your holy light

From sacred books, and put these mists to flight;

That I Immortal Gods and men may know.

Ne’er ‘neath the gliding waves of Lethe’s flow

May dæmon work my soul disastrous ill

And keep me from the Gods far distant still.

Let no chill Fury overlong enslave

My unwilling soul that in the icy wave

Of generation’s  flood long since did fall,

Nor with constraining bonds my life enthrall.

But ye who are bright Wisdom’s Hierophants

All glorious Nine, 0 hear. My spirit pants

Upon the path that leadeth to the height –

Unveil the mysteries of the Words of Light.

-Hymn of Proclus


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