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Bingo! another fallacy

Posted by The Eclectic Pythagorean on October 16, 2008

Bingo! another fallacy

Students make game of mapping candidates’ errors in logic

By Stephen Kiehl

Less than five minutes into last night’s presidential debate, John McCain started talking about a man he called “Joe the Plumber,” who didn’t think he would benefit from Barack Obama’s tax plan.

And Kevin Heron, a senior at McDaniel College, began scrawling on his bingo card. He was among 50 students playing “Debate Fallacy Bingo” – a game devised by McDaniel professors to show how the candidates’ arguments often fail basic tests of logic. Each student had a bingo card, and each box contained a type of logical fallacy.

Heron wrote “Joe the Plumber” in the box marked, “Appeal to authority: fake expert.” As McCain continued, Professor Anne Nester shouted out, “Whoa! Class warfare! Anybody got dysphemism? Yield to fear, anyone?”

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